Publishing house specialized in Latin American works

The family business was founded in 1927 by Mr. Julio Garzon at 13-15 rue Grange Batelière Paris Xème.
Today the famous publishing house is managed by Madame Garzon Janet.
The Company specializes in publishing Latin American works. Rhythms such as tango, paso-doble, and accordion-musette are part of a large repertoire selected with the greatest care for amateurs or professionals. International stars such as Jairo, Julio Iglésias, Tino Rossi…
The kings of the accordion: Aimable, Jo Privat, Roger Larcange, Yvette Horner are present in the rich catalog of more than 20,000 titles including 3000 exclusive Garzon.
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Publishing house
founded in 1927
Catalog with more
than 20,000 titles
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